Video: Humphrey’s Heave Gives Marshall A Win

We should paint a quick picture of the scenario, because the video (sorry, it’s the best available), doesn’t quite do the best job.

A timeout is called with 21.8 seconds left to go in the game. Marshall and SMU are deadlocked in at 50-50, and Marshall head coach Donnie Jones makes sure his players know what do when if they get a rebound: Call time out. Play ensues. With about eight seconds left, SMU point guard Derek Williams takes the ball to the hoop, but his shot goes off the rim and was rebounded by Marshall’s Markel Humphrey. Humphrey thinks about calling time out, hears freshman teammate Damier Pitts urging him to shoot, takes two dribbles and heaves the ball from about 75 feet with 2.2 seconds remaining. Bank. Money. 53-50.

Jones said he was glad the referees didn’t look his way because he was jumping up and down trying to call a timeout. “When Markel shot the ball, I turned my back to the court. I just glanced over my shoulder as the ball hit in the square and went into the basket. I’m glad the officials didn’t look at me (for the timeout).”