Video: Kevin Garnett Thanks Atlanta Hawks Co-Owner for ‘Extra Gas’

Atlanta Hawks co-owner Michael Gearon Jr. called Kevin Garnett “the dirtiest guy in the League” prior to last night’s Game 6 between the Boston and Atlanta. Needless to say, things didn’t turn out so well for Michael, and KG made sure to let him know all about it during the postgame presser. From the Boston Herald: “First off I want to say thank you to their owner for giving me some extra gas tonight,’ Garnett said. ‘My only advice to him is next time he opens his mouth actually know what he’s talking about — X’s and O’s versus his checkbook and the bottom line.’ Later, KG added, ‘We’re not dirty. We play aggressive. We’re not dirty. You have to understand the word dirty in this game is very defined — going under guys, trying to hurt guys, ill intent. That’s not the way we play basketball. We play very, very respectable to the opponent, the city we’re in, the game. We play with a lot of passion, play with force. It’s the playoffs. I haven’t been here trying to hurt anybody, nor has my team. I just found that comment to be a little rude and a little out of hand, and I wanted to address it. Just because you’ve got a bunch of money don’t mean you can open your mouth.'”