Video: Kobe Beats Bucks at the Buzzer

by Marcel Mutoni / @marcel_mutoni

The Lakers escaped Milwaukee last night with a last second victory, thanks to the heroics of Kobe Bryant. Yes, he did it again, broken finger be damned.

There was a bit of controversy prior to Bryant’s game-winner, as many felt he charged into Andrew Bogut on the basket prior to the buzzer beater. He may very well have, but the refs gave him the benefit of the doubt (which resulted in a three-point play, setting up the winning shot.)

Following the game, on Twitter, Bogut expressed his frustration with the call, but did so intelligently and hilariously:

If I am completely honest about certain things that pertain to tonights events, someone will steal $$ from me. Honesty is not cool anymore.

@flintstone14 Sometimes he just takes CHARGE

Quick Note.The events tonight, could mean alot of things. If people assume Im talkin bout the game not my prob. I was talking bout CHESS

Sorry, Andrew. Them’s the breaks.

The best part of the night, however, was listening to the shamelessly homerific Bucks announcers call the game. One of them even yelled out, “MISS IT!” as Bryant launched the last shot. No dice.