Video: LeBron James — Flight 23

by January 19, 2009

This True Ballin’ production (directed by Ryan Currie) displays what is likely the best amateur mastery of Adobe After Effects we’ve seen thus far. The graphics allow Currie to highlight LeBron’s combination of power and finesse, all the while alluding to LeBron’s apparent supernatural powers out the court–yes, you guessed it, superheroes are the rage now (as well they should be!).

What’s gravy is the mix dropped several weeks in advance of its scheduled release, giving us another reason to revisit LBJ’s MVP credentials this season. The Cavs travel to Staples Center tonight to cap a 12-game Martin Luther King Day schedule. Of course, comparisons to last season’s MVP Kobe Bryant will abound, and while Kobe’s numbers (and highlights) certainly will not match ‘Bron’s this season, his shot at a repeat MVP will largely rest upon the outcome of head-to-head matchups like this one.

Tonight could be lackluster. Both the Lakers and Cavs are missing key players to injury and the circumstances may not necessitate final-minute clutch heroics on either LeBron or Kobe’s part. For the sake of dramatic late-night hoops on the Eve of a Changing presidential inaguration, let’s hope this True Ballin’ production doesn’t have fans thinking about Much Ado About Nothing come tomorrow. For some reason, though, we think even this sort of quality production can’t hype tonight’s game enough.

Watch in HD here.