Video: More Than a Game

by June 26, 2010

NBA Basketball isn’t just about winning games. It’s not only about multi-million dollar contracts. And it’s not about incredible fame. It’s about emotion. Inspiration. Action. Purpose. It’s about meaning. We sense this in small doses — breathe it in second-hand — when watching the game.

Gotrare took the care to skim off the excess, and produce a one-of-a-kind concentrate of the soul of the game.

Dude collected interviews from players, selecting the important words and dressing them over incredible action from the ’09-10 season and Playoffs. It’s a commentary on basketball you’ve known deep down, but haven’t been able to exactly put a finger on. Words cannot accurately describe the epic mix, so we hope you take five minutes to watch it this weekend.

In the words of another world-class mixmaker, Venom, Gotrare’s mix will live for ages.