Video: New York City with Shammgod

by March 26, 2010

Our friends at Converse Basketball are always willing to do things different. They like to embrace players who are ready to bring it anytime, anywhere, anyhow. A few months ago, we teamed up with them for the Heaven is a Playground event, which was off the hook.

A new move by Converse was linking up with the great God Shammgod, a New York City legend who always brings it, whether he’s at home or playing overseas. SLAM has loved Shamm for the longest, as this classic piece by Alan Paul indicates.

Beyond his great play and personality, Shammgod is a creative spirit that is known for having one of the greatest handles of all time. Those handles are seen most clearly in his signature move, “The Shammgod.”

Check out this fresh cut in which Converse captured Shammgod’s creativity. Dude says it all when he talks about his belief that he can… “shake my own shadow.”