Video: Prodigies

You’ve seen most of them here before: Domino, Renhigotrare, VenomIndustries, Dinoman. They’re mixmaking’s best and most honored hobbyists. Today marks a special day in mixmaking history, as they conclude Prodigies, a massive undertaking that took over a year to complete. This combination of rare high school footage, interviews and highlights easily ranks first among the largest amateur video mix projects in history. Of course, no words can do the project justice, but who better to describe the video than the producers:

“The mix details the careers of three young high school prodigies (Kevin Garnett, Kobe Bryant, and LeBron James) who skipped college to change the NBA game forever. Prodigies is more than an NBA mix, it’s the evolution of three men from young phenoms to superstars. Prodigies goes beyond basketball in its attempt to define three incredible careers that revolutionized the game as we know it. It’s a celebration of their competitive drive, passion and intensity, and is ultimately a story of redemption. More than one viewing of this mix is required to get the full grasp and understanding. It’s not about wins or loses, it’s about the love and passion for the game that drives these individuals to sacrifice so much.”

Enjoy. Soak. Repeat. Share. Tell. Enjoy again.– Ed.