Video: Rip City Revival – ’09 Blazers Tribute

The youngest team in the Playoffs has “dark horse” written all over it. Watch Maxamillion‘s video and you’ll see exactly why. We don’t expect the Blazers to take the Western Conference title this season, but the Revival in Rip City has been nothing short of spectacular. From the Jail Blazers days to a management overhaul to near-title contenders, we applaud how the organization prevailed in bringing excitement back to Portland.

Sure, it’s over-zealous to rally before Playoffs even began, but recall everything that happened during the six-year post-season drought and you might be celebrating as well. Good basketball in Rip City is something the NBA and Portland fans needed. Max’s video is almost more compelling to watch with the crowd’s reaction. Over 10,000 people showed up during the Blazers huge rally in downtown Portland last week. It’s safe to say this 10-minute masterpiece reminded everyone exactly how amazing this Revival truly has been.