Video: Tales of LeBron

Dear basketball fans,

This question has been going on for years now, but the last six or seven months it’s just been out of control. Who’s better Kobe or LeBron? It’s so clear who’s better… I tried to be nice about it because you know I got an Image to portray but damn it enough is enough! Excuse me if I seem a little emotional right now, but I’m better than everybody in the League, no one can really can guard. I’d drop 50 on the Almighty if he tried to go against me. But my team… my team, well we were just undersized, older, and our coach, well, he doesn’t do much besides the interviews they cant get me for. How many people in the League can win 66 games with that kind of squad? Only the great LBJ! They say it’s no “I” in “Team,” but there is a “M” and an “E”  you just got to switch the letters around. See how I did that, who else could think of that?

So stop asking who’s better. Kobe can be a real ass sometimes, and he likes to throw stuff in my face from time to time. Like the other day… after I loss, you wouldn’t believe what he said to me… Broke my heart to do this but I’m LeBron baby!

* View expressed here are not of SLAM Magazine but from someone who believes LeBron is human and is allowed to feel upset or cocky. He’s lightning fast and he weighs 270, talented in ways you couldn’t begin to fathom. He just saw one of his dreams crumble before his eyes and the whole world saw it. Put yourself in his shoes and stop expecting him to do different because he’s taller and richer than you.