Video: Team NIKE Episode 3

by July 06, 2011

Dyckman Park on 204 & Nagle will be live tonight as powerhouse Team NIKE attempts to remain unbeaten, going up against a tough Mann Up squad at 8 p.m. The chronicles of Coach Bingo’s team continue in the video above, as Team NIKE defeated defending Dyckman champs Take No Prisoners in their second game of the summer. With reputations always on the line at Dyckman, it was no surprise tempers flared mid-way through the game as Team NIKE began to pull away. Led by Antawn ‘Anti Freeze’ Dobie and Quinton ‘T2’ Hosley, Team NIKE put aside the nonsense and focused on the task at hand: dethroning the four-time champs. Now united with a full 10-man roster, the Boys in Black have the confidence and swagger of a team on a mission. Will Team NIKE be beaten? It hasn’t happened yet, but with the arsenal of talent at Dyckman, be sure to expect the unexpected.