Video: Team NIKE Episode 4

Here’s Episode 4 in the chronicles of Dyckman powerhouse Team NIKE. Coach Bingo’s squad is 4-0 and playing with both a chip on its shoulder and a target on its back, as their opponents instantly become enemies. In Episode 4, Keydren “Kee Kee” Clark finally gets his Team NIKE uniform as the 2-0 crew take on the young and hungry JTA squad. The Boys in Black face their first real test from their feisty Dyckman opponents, but Kee Kee comes through in the clutch with a couple of big shots to put JTA away. One of the team’s veteran leaders, Anthony “I Robot” Glover, and his wife, reflect on what was needed to pull out that victory. But there’s not any more time to reflect—now it’s time to prepare. As a date with the loaded Ooh Way team approaches, Bingo’s boys are focused on the task at hand: winning it all at Dyckman. Catch Team NIKE in its fifth game tonight against Rodney Park at 8 p.m. on 204 & Nagle.