Video: Team NIKE Episode Two

by July 01, 2011

Our coverage of Team NIKE and the Dyckman Basketball Tournament has been extensive, and rightfully so. With the NBA season over (and, um, I won’t say it) the focus (at least in New York) has shifted to Dyckman. Some of the best players in the world show up on a weekly basis, and the intensity rivals any streetball or summer league in the world. Here’s episode two of the Team NIKE web series, profiling the team’s opening night victory over United Brooklyn and looking ahead to the future. The standing-room only crowds have no remorse, as almost everybody except Coach Bingo and his troops want Team NIKE to struggle, or even fail. Catch the supersquad’s fourth game this Wednesday night against Mann Up at 8 p.m. at Dyckman Park on 204 & Nagle.