Video: The Lakers 2009 Finals Run

by June 22, 2009

They say reliving an event can be better than experiencing the event itself. After watching the plentiful camera angles, riveting soundtracks, extra interviews, radio and television commentary, and extraordinary film editing, I almost convinced myself watching the Finals live was a waste of time. The only way this mix could’ve improved is if it came with buttery popcorn.

Props all go to two of mixmaking’s brightest up-and-comers Max Frishberg (aka Maxamillion) and Tyson Johnston (aka Domino) for one of the best collaborations of the season, and certainly the NBA Finals. It’s rare that two superpowers bless us with some 10 minutes of highlights. This is truly a treat worthy of some high praise. Check out more from Frishberg at his website and for more from Johnston via his YouTube channel.