Video: Top 50 NCAA Dunks Of All Time

Looking for reasons to get excited for upcoming college season? How about the possibility of catching a vicious sky-walking dunk live? They happen every season, in every neck of America, in every division.

Watch this mix in its 14-minute epic entirety. Even the honorable mentions make most SLAMadadays seem like backyard horseplay.

And don’t sleep on all the hard work that made this mix possible. Mixst311 started to compile footage over two years ago. This summer, he handed the footage to two of the best mixmakers in the game (Damnshow — editing; and Venom — color correction/restoration) to make it all vivid as possible. This is truly a project of passion, which clearly turned out to be something unlike anything we’ve ever seen:

Bonus: Here’s Mixst311 on the process of making this epic mix: “I started working on this project over two years ago after I had a growing interest in rare dunk footage. Finding these dunks wasn’t easy. I read hours and hours of fan comments on college basketball forums, watched thousands of YouTube videos, and read hundreds of articles, to track down dunks I’ve never heard of before then. After finding a dunk that sounded good, I had to figure out the date and then find someone who carried the game. I talked with many college game traders and game collectors, a few players themselves, and a handful of universities. DeAngelo Newson, who played for the Southern Utah Thunderbirds from 2003 to 2005, was actually willing to send me his college highlight reel of which I used two dunks for the video. It was a lot of work, but it was definitely worth it to see all these nasty dunks and share them with the world.”