Video: Vince Carter – Farewell, Orlando

by December 22, 2010

His stay in Orlando was short-lived. And Vince Carter’s highlights weren’t even half as amazing as they used to be. Some might call VC’s homecoming a failure — the Magic didn’t return to the Finals in ’09-10 and a poor start in ’10-11 prompted GM Otis Smith to make moves that resulted in Carter’s excommunication to Phoenix. The real question may be, Why make a Vince Carter mix now — now that cats like Blake Griffin and Russell Westbrook have taken the spotlight? Why thank the (few) fans who supported Vince throughout each of his 111 games in pinstripes?

The answer is because Maxamillion mixed it. Maxa knows Carter so well by now, he could make his retirement riveting (now there’s an idea). We’ll let the VC mixmaker extraordinaire explain: “I made this mix chronicling VC’s final quarter-season with his hometown Orlando Magic. This mix is dedicated to those who welcomed VC back home, supported him through his ups and downs, and will continue to support him in the future.”

Thanks, Maxa. ‘Sickness’ is small word to describe how good mixer Maxa has become.