Video: Don’t Kiss Z-Bo, He Will Punch You in the Face

by February 18, 2009

by Marcel Mutoni

Especially if your name happens to be Louis Amundson, who Zach Randolph claims tried to kiss him last night during their tussle.

Check out what Z-Bo did in Phoenix as his Clippers were in the process of getting demolished by the Suns:

You stay classy, Zach Randolph.

From the looks of things, Amundson did absolutely nothing to deserve a facial re-arrangement courtesy of Zach’s fist. On a seemingly innocuous box out, Randolph knocks Louis to the ground with his forearm, and after the pony-tailed forward collects himself, he is greeted with a swift punch to the face.

A suspension is obviously on the way; the only question is how long should Randolph be forced to sit in street clothes?