Videos: Vince Carter – Onto Another Chapter

We hope you’re not having the same troubles we did this afternoon at the SLAM Dome. The internet was bugging out for hours. Emails weren’t opening, iChat was connecting and disconnecting as if Nearly Headless Nick from Harry Potter relocated to our modems after attending the recent New York premiere. We’re back online now, and being able to stream video never felt so good.

So there’s no doubt about it — Max Frishberg is a corporal in the Vince Carter military. And now couldn’t be a better time to release his — in his own words — “passion project.” We follow Carter’s 11th season, as Vince turns back the clock at some points, taking a clear leadership role on a very young Nets team. He’s old, he’s not as explosive, he’s shooting more, yet there’s still plenty of glimmers of the Vince Carter of old. In many ways, the ’08-09 season was a perfect way to finish the prime years of his career. He became less of a highlight factory and more of a team player. Watch the first two videoes, and you’ll know what we’re talking about. Words really shouldn’t be used to do this piece justice.

Then we get to the final video of the trio — the resolution of “The Resolution,” if you will. We see Carter progress as a player but decline as human pogo stick. The highlights from ages 27 to 32 are still plentiful, albeit poorly viewed in the perpetually empty IZOD Center. The second chapter in Vince Carter’s career comes to a close with the recent trade to Orlando.

If you think Vinsanity’s time as a Net lacks flavor and success compared to his years in Toronto, you’d be right. But it’s not like Carter went completely away, either. He grew into a complete basketball player in Jersey and he’s taking his belongs from out the marshlands and going back home.