Warriors Give Speeches at Championship Parade (VIDEO)

by June 20, 2015

The Golden State Warriors took to the mic during their Championship parade in Oakland on Friday to thank the fans for their support and to celebrate the franchise’s first title in 40 years.

Draymond Green (in the video above) was his typical energetic self, vowing this Championship would be the first of many while standing everywhere on stage but at the podium.

Stephen Curry said, “Six years ago, when I was drafted, I could walk around and not be recognized. Now we’re world champs and I’m known as Riley’s dad.”

Klay Thompson said that when he joined the Warriors and future Splash Bro. Stephen Curry, it was the first time he’d been on a team with someone who shoots better than him. “I wanted to hate the guy,” he joked, “but you can’t not like him, man.”

Steve Kerr, true to his roots as a player, jokingly took credit for everything…

And of course, there was an appearance by Riley Curry…