2016 Big Strick Regional Game Highlights

The 2016 Big Strick regional game was held at Gauchos Gym in The Bronx on August 6. Check out the rosters, MVPs and high-scorers below, and don’t forget to watch the highlights in the video above.


Team Armoni

Luther Muhammad
Jose Perez
Ja’quaye James
Shack Dezoni
Atiba Taylor
Acook Acook
Darnell Brodie
Demarley Smith
Jalen Lecque

Team Escalade

Taelon Martin
David Mitchell
Savior Akuwovo
Khalid Moore
Raheem Solomon
Leonard Luton
Samba Diallo
Jalen Carey

Team Escalade: Jalen Carey and Raheem Solomon
Team Armoni: Atiba Taylor and Jalen Lecque

Jalen Carey (32 points)
Raheem Solomon (28 points)
Atiba Taylor (28 points)
Jalen Lecque (22 points)

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