WATCH: All Of Aaron Gordon’s Dunks From The Dunk Contest

by February 13, 2016

Magic forward Aaron Gordon entered the Dunk Contest for the first time and nearly took the crown from reigning champ Zach LaVine in an epic dunk-off.

He started off with a solid, between-the-legs reverse dunk that caught the crowd’s interest.

Stuff the Magic Dragon then came out on a hoverboard, who Gordon cleared with apparent ease.

Entering the final round against LaVine, Gordon brought out his first truly unique jam—a 360 one-handed grab from the spinning mascot. Wow.

And if you thought that was insane, well, just watch:

LaVine and Gordon both finished with 100 in the finals, so Gordon went impromptu with his teammate Elfrid Payton, who threw the rock off the side of the backboard.

For his final dunk, Gordon took it by himself, bringing it all the way up and all the way down. Unfortunately, the judges gave him a 47 for this one.

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