WATCH: ASCEND, A Short Film About The Higher Meaning Of Basketball

by April 24, 2017

For some ballers, getting up jumpers at a local court is a way to unwind and get a little bit of exercise. For others, it can be akin to a religious experience.

In ASCEND, a short film written, directed and produced by The Rec League out of Los Angeles, a young hooper makes his way through the city before popping up at a gorgeous court by the ocean.

More from The Rec League:

ASCEND is a story about a young hooper making his way from his spot in the city to a hidden court by the ocean. It’s also about finding your own sanctuary or place that has a higher meaning for you. That place is different for everyone, but for me, it was always the game. That was my hideaway. And for our guy here, the game and this court specifically hold a higher meaning for him—and there’s power in that journey to get there.


That, and in some part, it’s kind of like a love letter to the city and for LA basketball, seen through this one young player’s eyes.

Check it out above and be on the lookout for more from The Rec League.

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