WATCH: Blake Griffin Brings Down Shot Clock With Pregame Dunk

by October 05, 2015

The happiest moment Sunday night for the LA Clippers happened during pregame warmups, when a Blake Griffin dunk caused the shot clock to fold above the backboard—check out DeAndre Jordan’s hilarious fistpump following the destructive jam.

The rest was all downhill, as the Toronto Raptors took down the Clips 93-73 in the exhibition game played in the NBA-starved city of Vancouver.

Kyle Lowry led the way for Toronto with 26 points in just 21 minutes.

Per the LA Times:

Blake Griffin threw an underhanded lob to himself off the backboard, grabbed the pass with two hands and dunked it with such force that the shot clock dislodged from its supports and tumbled backward.


Griffin finished with 14 points while (Jamal) Crawford and (Josh) Smith each had six points to lead the reserves, who combined to make 10 of 35 shots. No one has appeared more out of sorts than (Lance) tephenson, who has made two of 14 shots in his first two preseason games. […] “Lance is not a great shooter,” (Doc) Rivers said. “He’s going to be a streaky guy. That’s who he is. I don’t look at Lance as a scorer; I look at Lance as a guy to create plays, and I think he’ll do that for us.”


Griffin said the shot clock was not dislodged in pregame warmups solely by his dunk. He said a screw hit him in the face previously after he had grabbed the rim and another screw had fallen on a dunk by reserve center Cole Aldrich. “I guess we just kind of loosened it up by committee,” Griffin said.