Watch Booby Gibson’s New Rap Video

Daniel “Booby” Gibson was a fan favorite in Cleveland during LeBron James’ first run with the Cavaliers. Drafted in ’06, Gibson played out his second contract with Cleveland through the 2013 season as a sharpshooter off the bench, mostly. We hadn’t heard from Booby in a while until last summer, when he popped up in an interview on YouTube in which he discussed, among other things, his plans to write a children’s book:

That interview took place in a recording studio, which is why it’s no surprise that a few days ago he dropped the music video you see above. What might be surprising is the content and message of the song, which addresses racial inequality and violence in America. Gibson raps about current events and seems to be taking this rap shit seriously.

Meanwhile his old squad is one game away from advancing to the Eastern Conference Finals.

H/T: Complex