WATCH: Golden State Warriors 73-Win Mixtape

by April 15, 2016

The NBA has put out a mixtape of the best moments from the Golden State Warriors’ amazing year.

The Dubs became the greatest NBA team in regular season history this week, notching their 73rd win.

The real work of defending their title now begins.

Per the AP:

Last month, he called a team meeting and asked his players if they wanted to go for the record or get some rest for the playoffs. When the majority desired to take a run at 73, (Steve) Kerr agreed only with the guarantee that they would be honest with him about their health and when they needed a breather.


“He’s the coach of the year. Any time you coach a team to the record we have and the behind the scenes stuff, he’s been orchestrating everything,” guard Klay Thompson said. “He’s our head honcho and all these great ideas always flow for him. He’s really a players’ coach. He knows what we’re going through.”


“It’s a little tougher to deliver a message this year than last year for sure,” Kerr said. “Last year we hadn’t won a championship and I could always play the card, ‘I know how to win a championship and you don’t.’ They know how to do that now and we did it together last year. It’s more of the case of me reminding them of why it’s important. It does get tougher as you go once you have won one and trying to repeat and trying to do it again and again. The message gets old. Got to find creative ways to deliver it I guess.”

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