WATCH: Kevin Durant With 31 Points in Win vs Utah

by December 14, 2015

Kevin Durant (31 points, 6 assists) and Russell Westbrook (25 points, 11 rebounds) led the OKC Thunder to a 104-98 overtime win Sunday night against the visiting Utah Jazz.

The Thunder have now won a season-high five straight.

Durant bounced back from a terrible first half, in which he only managed a career-low two points.

Per The Oklahoman:

But to seal a season-high fifth straight win, plenty of other contributors were needed. The two biggest were OKC’s other two most important players, Kevin Durant and Serge Ibaka, who both lumbered through a brutal first half before awakening in highlight fashion. […] Ibaka didn’t make a shot in the first 24 minutes. Durant had a career-low two first half points, taking only two shots and committing four turnovers. The Thunder trailed Utah 51-38, with a wild Westbrook second quarter buzzer-beater the only reason it wasn’t worse.


β€œJust getting a bit frustrated with myself,” Durant said. β€œHad to calm down. Told myself to calm down.” […] When he was younger, Durant’s godfather would pull him aside during in-game struggles and tug on his jersey while looking straight into Durant’s face, sternly telling him to focus.


The past two games, both starting slowly and ending with a flurry, Durant’s morphed that memory into a celebration. After big shots in both wins over the Jazz, Durant strolled down the court tugging on his own jersey and yelling at himself.