WATCH: Kevin Garnett Hangs 47 on the Suns

Kevin Garnett likes to say he’s 6-12. He never wanted to be a center, even though he is an even 7 feet tall. It’s not that he couldn’t go down low and handle the punishment that comes with playing defense as a 5-man. It’s that he loves shooting jumpers. Back in the day when Garnett was the Big Ticket, centers weren’t shooting jumpers.

Garnett played the majority of his Hall of Fame career at power forward. In the video above, he lights the Suns up for 47 points, 17 rebounds, 4 assists and 2 blocks, hitting jumpers and finishing down low.

It’s a slow, boring day in the offseason. Why not remind ourselves how terrifyingly versatile a prime KG was?

Video courtesy of Vintage Dawkins