WATCH: Kobe Bryant Nails Dagger Three in Final Boston Game

by December 31, 2015

Kobe Bryant added to his legend in Boston during his final visit as a player to that city, hitting a clutch three-pointer to help the Los Angeles Lakers take a 112-104 win against their arch rivals Wednesday night.

Bean finished with 15 points on just 5-of-18 shooting against the Celtics, and added eleven rebounds in his emotional farewell to Beantown.

The game, an otherwise meaningless late-December clash between two storied but rebuilding organizations, served as an amusing reminder of just how important getting a win in these battles is for each side.

Per the LA Times:

They booed when he shot a free throw. When he received a pass. When he methodically backed defenders down in the post. […] They paid their respect by cheering him before tip-off and then reality returned.


“As soon as I touched the ball and they booed, I was like, ‘Ah, I’m home,'” Bryant said. […] While Bryant struggled with his shot, three young Lakers put dents in the box score: Jordan Clarkson had 24 points, D’Angelo Russell added 16 and Julius Randle had 15 points and 12 rebounds.


The Celtics, borrowing a page from how they honored Kareem Abdul-Jabbar at his final game here in 1988, privately gave Bryant a framed slab of parquet long before tip-off. It was from their court at the 2010 NBA Finals, when the Lakers outlasted them in seven physically grinding games. […] “In recognition of your many legendary performances on the Parquet floor…From your friends and rivals, The Boston Celtics,” the inscription read.