WATCH: Kris Dunn x Desiigner Go Bowling

by November 28, 2016
kris dunn

Kris Dunn’s from New London, a rough part of Connecticut. He and his brother even had to live alone for a few months. That mentality has stayed with him throughout his life, until, as he says in the video above, he got to Minnesota.

“Where I’m from, people are walking around, everybody’s minding their own business, Dunn said. “I like to walk with my headphones in, but in Minneapolis, they always ask you, ‘How’s your day going?’ Or, ‘Hope you have a good day.’ So now, I don’t walk to practice with my headphones in.”

Along with throwing an oop to Desiigner, and meeting up with some lucky fans to go bowling, Dunn talks more about his transition to the League in the video above.

Video courtesy of Champs