WATCH: LeBron James and Kyrie Irving Torch the Wizards

by January 07, 2016

LeBron James (34 points) and Kyrie Irving (32 points) dominated in the Cleveland Cavaliers’ 121-115 road win Wednesday night against the Washington Wizards.

Irving, perhaps a bit motivated by some recent pseudo-shade from fellow All-Star point guard John Wall, looked like old dazzling self.

The Cavs are riding a five-game winning streak.

Per the AP:

Cleveland coach David Blatt still has some doubt in his mind that Kyrie Irving is back for good six months after breaking his left kneecap. As good as the point guard is playing, Blatt continues to temper expectations. […] “It’s only reasonable to expect that he’s going to go through a process and still have days when he’s better and days when he’s going to have some effect of the many months that he was out,” Blatt said. “But it sure didn’t look like that tonight.”


The show Irving put on in the fourth quarter certainly caught the attention of his teammates, who see how much he’s improving in the weeks since he returned. […] “It was nuts,” said guard J.R. Smith, who hit five 3-pointers and had 25 points. “To do what he’s doing nine or 10 months to get back and still be able to come out there and shake and bake like he’s doing it’s remarkable.”


James hit 3-pointers on four of five possessions, and the lead got to 18 at one point. But the Wizards came back enough to put a scare into the Eastern Conference-leading Cavs. […] “Isn’t that the beautiful thing about NBA basketball? An 18-point lead can go away in the drop of the hat, because the other guy’s good and Washington was good tonight,” Blatt said. “That wasn’t an easy game.”