WATCH: Russell Westbrook Performs Instant Replay of His Euro-Step

by January 07, 2016

Russell Westbrook and the OKC Thunder had a whale of a time Wednesday night, beating down the Memphis Grizzlies 112-94.

Westbrook, per usual, provided a ton of highlight plays and made sure the viewing public didn’t miss anything by performing an instant replay of his driving euro-step.

Westbrook’s teammates greatly enjoyed his antics.

Per The Oklahoman:

The move is referred to as a Euro step. In recent years, Westbrook has added it to his deadly offensive arsenal. This particular one, done in the second quarter of the Thunder’s 112-94 Wednesday night blowout of the Grizzlies, was executed so well that Westbrook felt the need to manually replay it for himself. A Memphis timeout gave him that chance. […] So right after the whistle, Westbrook stopped and Euro stepped the air. Twice. Then he let out a smile. Kevin Durant loved it so much he started Euro stepping his way toward Westbrook. By that point, the Thunder bench had leaked onto the court for the timeout. So Mitch McGary, never one to miss out on some fun, started Euro stepping around aimlessly.


“I get lucky from time to time,” Westbrook said. […] “We call it the swag daddies,” Cameron Payne said. “That was a great move. We gotta sauce it up. He’s the king of it.”


The win bumped the Thunder’s record to 25-11, a solid mark, good enough for the West’s third seed. But despite relative success, there’s been a rocky feeling these opening few months. The losses agonize the fanbase and the wins often seem to come with a caveat. […] But not Wednesday night. There was a feel-good vibe in the arena. Durant was back from a sprained toe earlier than expected. The stars played well. The bench recovered from some recent struggles. The team seemed loose. The scoreboard reflected it.