Watch Zach LaVine Eat Brunch With A$AP Ferg Before the Dunk Contest

by March 09, 2015

Wolves rookie Zach LaVine was the unquestioned star of 2015 NBA All-Star Weekend in New York City, with the way he dominated the Dunk Contest by putting on the best show since Vince Carter back in 2000.

Looking at his dunks, it’s easy to forget that our man Zach is still so youngโ€”he turns 20 on Tuesdayโ€”that he’s only been in NYC a handful of times, and never really had a chance to explore.

But as you’ll see in the video above, he got a chance to check out some of the coolest spots in the Lower East Side just hours before the Dunk Contest. From getting a fresh haircut to eating brunch with A$AP Ferg and A$AP Twelvy to getting laced with some fresh gear, LaVine took in a classic NYC day before getting to work on that Dunk trophy.