The AIP Movement

by Drey Wingate / @ProStatus85

The game of basketball becomes more universal by the day, meaning that one does not have to be an NBA All-Star to be treated like or recognized as one. Very often we hear about how the game is becoming a lost art and how present day players are more about the money than the love of the game.

When you look at a guy like Patrick Robinson, known to the rest of the basketball world as “Pat The Roc,” you know that there are still a lot of true players out there. Pat may have never been a high school All-American, or played every week on ESPN for a top-25 college team, but you know exactly who he is. If Webster needed an image to go along with the definition of perseverance, Pat would have one in color.

Growing up on the streets of Maryland, Pat was always known for his passion for the game, but as a player he was seriously overlooked. From not being a starter on his high school team, to being cut from the University of Cincinnati basketball squad twice, he had every reason to give up. Pat stated that it was a simple phrase of encouraging words that ignited a fire that still burns inside of him: “Anything is possible.” From that day, Pat has gone from being the kid on the block with a dream, to becoming a man of purpose and creating brand of his own known as AIP (Anything Is Possible). Pat’s mission is to show and prove that hard work and determination are not only steps needed to reach your goals, but to obtain an attitude that benefits others as well.

It’s no mistake that Pat is what and who he is today. Unlike most ball players, Pat wasn’t born with natural ability. All the insane handles and crazy passes he is known for did not happen overnight. They were developed over a period of time through painful hours of hard work. He spent countless hours in the gym to receive the recognition he has today. He carried a basketball with him literally everywhere he went. And I mean everywhere. We all know that a dream without action is only sleep. Pat is a firm believer of that philosophy and he lives it on a daily basis.

At the present moment, Pat is on the Ball Up tour with other well-known streetball talents such as AO, The Professor, Springs and Special FX just to name a few. I had the opportunity of catching up with the homie while he was in Chicago to see how things have been, which gadgets he’s using, and his thoughts on this crazy NBA postseason.

SLAM: No high school stardom, no college scholarship, no NBA, but you’re known around the world for what you do. How does that make you feel?

PTR: It’s a good feeling and hopefully I can become a trendsetter for a lot of basketball players out there. People think you have to be in the NBA to be known as one the greatest or to go far in your career. I’ve been able to achieve things in my career that some guys that are in the League haven’t done.

SLAM: What’s it like being back on the scene with the Ball Up project?

PTR: It’s an honor to be a part of this team and be back on TV showcasing my ball handling skills to the world. It’s what every basketball player dreams of.

SLAM: What is your tech game looking like at the moment?

PTR: Just got a new white on white MacBook, definitely mandatory for all of this traveling city to city. I use it on the plane, in the hotel, and on the tour bus. But one of my most prized possessions are the purple and yellow Lakers Dre beats headphones I picked up while in China, definitely exclusive, haven’t seen anyone else with them!

SLAM: Who do you have winning the NBA Finals this year?

PTR: It will definitely be a great match-up. I think the Mavs are more disciplined, but I’m going for the Heat. I think all the hate LeBron had to overcome this season, he definitely deserves a ring. AIP!

SLAM: You’re known for your insane handles and ridiculous passes, if you could throw a lob to any dunker in the world who would it be?

PTR: I have a list! Vince Carter, Blake Griffin, James White and LeBron. As for streetball, Mr. 720, Special Fx and Airborne catch my passes on the regular. Stamped!

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