The Streets

by Lang Whitaker

With the NBA mostly hibernating, the big newspapers on both coasts are turning to Streetball for their fix of summer hoops. These stories, though, may only serve to remind most of us that we already knew more about streetball than we thought.
The Los Angeles Times has a story here about the outdoor courts on Venice Beach and at Laguna Beach(!), but there’s not much in the story other than telling the readers that the action at both courts can be really good.

I loved reading that Sean Rooks plays at Laguna Beach. I’m hoping for an episode of Laguna this season with Rooks and a few kids from the high school idly shooting hoops while going into in-depth discussions of their love lives.

The New York Times fires back with a story telling their readers that there is a place called Rucker up in Harlem where some pretty good basketball happens. Vinny Malozzi does a nice job providing some history and backstory to what otherwise could have been a tired story idea.