Dibbs is Changing How You Collect Sports Trading Cards

The past, present, and future––a true fan feels all three. We romanticize the heroes of our past, agonize over the wins and losses of today, and get excited for the talent of tomorrow. A casual fan may not understand, but trading cards epitomizes this aspect of sports fandom perfectly. We look back on vintage cards and remember the athletes who inspired us to shoot for the stars. We survey today’s talent and decide which players personify our ideals in a competitor. We watch young talent preparing for the NBA Draft and speculate on which player’s value is going to shoot up over his or her career. Your trading card collection is both a piece of insight into who you are as a fan as well as an investment that leverages your sports knowledge.

With Dibbs, the new fractionalized trading card platform, the opportunity to use your sports brain has never been bigger, faster, or safer.

The Dibbs app solves all of the headaches that exist in the traditional trading card market. Think Robinhood, but trading cards and without all of the Wall Street drama. If fans want to pick up a 2003 first-edition LeBron James rookie card (currently listed at $200,000 on eBay), Dibbs fractionalizes the asset so average sports fans can buy as little or as many fractions of the card as they would like—making it accessible for many.

By maintaining custody of cards within the highest security vault classification, Dibbs also eliminates issues that card traders deal with when authenticating, grading, shipping, and storing valuable cards. For the first time ever, you will be able to scoop a Luka Doncic card before tipoff and watch the value of that card move in real-time as your investment performs.

As if you didn’t watch enough sports already.