Get in Game Shape with ALLFit Life

by June 25, 2014

There’s more to basketball than getting up shots—maintaining health off the court should be a player’s number one priority. ALLFit Life, free in the App Store and on Google Play, aims to help basketball players stay in peak physical form, on and off the court.

ALLFit Life is a fitness app that tracks exercise and nutrition and rewards users with an exclusive point system for how well they take care of themselves.

“Conditioning is a big part of basketball,” app creator Jeffrey Markowicz says. “The better conditioned you are, the better you’re going to play. The app is a phenomenal motivator to get people in shape.”

The app’s point system punishes poor eating habits and drinking too much alcohol. “Every bad meal you eat, you’re going to lose 7 points,” Markowicz says. “It’s all a personal choice. It’s all about accountability for yourself. The guys that are leading the competition average about 130, 140 points a week.”

At the end of each week, users’ point totals are sent to a leaderboard. Users can compete against friends to see who had the best week.

“(ALLFit Life) adds an extra layer of competition to whatever type of exercise you do,” Jason Veny, a basketball player from New York, says. “You not only compete on the court but you also compete within your ‘Group,’ and winning that can be even more satisfying. ALLFit Life pushes you to reach your goals and get out on the court as frequently as possible… the competition really drives you.”

Point totals differ from activity to activity. Running a mile is worth 4 points, running a treadmill is worth 3 points for every ten minutes the user runs. An hour of basketball is worth 12 points.

“If I get tired, knowing that there are points at stake pushes me to keep going,” Veny says.

“The app makes me push my limits and reminds me on a daily basis to eat healthily, which in turn improves my game on the court,” Adrian Benjamin, a player from Ottawa, Canada says.

“ALLFit Life allows me to track my fitness progress and ensure I’m achieving the right balance of diet and physical activity,” Wayne Griffith says. Griffith, a player from the Cayman Islands, says that all basketball players should “give it a shot.”

“The app really makes you hold yourself accountable to achieving your goals,” Markowicz says. “The more you do, the more pounds you shed, the tighter you get, the more ripped you get, the better you’re going to perform as a basketball player.”

Want to stay in shape this summer? Get on that ALLFit Life!