IMG Basketball Training: Intermediate Shooting Drills

by June 07, 2016

IMG Academy has facilitated the overall athletic development of athletes for more than 35 years. From countless NBA and international pros like Amar’e Stoudemire, Iman Shumpert, Jimmy Butler, and Maurice Harkless, to thousands of youth athletes, IMG Academy helps athletes of all ages and ability levels reach their full potential. By teaching revolutionary, innovative, and comprehensive training programs, athletes are able to improve across all areas of their game.

This training series addresses shooting and dribbling techniques for all levels of basketball athletes. These are two important skills that every player can apply to their game and also the two skills that make NBA stars like Stephen Curry unstoppable! Visit SLAM every Tuesday to check out a new drill, from beginner to advanced, to take your game to the next level.

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Intermediate #1: Roaming Challenge

(3 players needed)

Shooting Drill 3 (Inter 1)

Instructions: Using one-third of the floor, the player should shoot each shot from a different distance using the footwork that is appropriate for the movement. The passer should throw good, but not great passes, creating an unstable shooting pocket. The players shot will range from 12-25 feet from the basket. Movement should not be planned but never less the 3-4 feet from the last shot attempted. Three bounce follow through should apply to all shots. Once 15 shot have been made, the player will complete the drill from the other 2 areas.

Purpose/Benefit: In this drill, the player will challenge their proprioceptive ranges. As the environment swiftly changes a more precise catch and shooting pocket will be needed to get to a total of 15 makes. Footwork while fatigued will also become an issue.

Intermediate #2: M and W Drill

Shooting Drill 4 (Inter 2)

Instructions: Players will make a total of 15 shots from 3 separate distances. After each attempt, the player will either go forward or backward for 3-4 steps will working clockwise/counter clock wise around the arc. When they hit the opposite corner the begin moving back in the direction which they started.

  • 10-12 ft
  • 15-18 ft
  • Most challenging distance

Purpose/Benefit: This is a conditioning drill that challenges footwork, balance, and weight shifting. Players must focus on getting their feet set while moving in a multidirectional plane and choosing which type of footwork based upon the timing of the pass.

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