LeBron James: ‘Who Am I to Say Who Can or Can’t Get a Ring?’

by October 06, 2016

LeBron James, when asked about David Blatt “graciously” accepting a championship ring from the Cleveland Cavaliers, says that he wasn’t consulted on who should get championship jewelry.

Blatt was fired halfway through last season, and never clicked with the superstar forward.

Cavs head coach Tyronn Lue says Blatt deserves the bling.

Per the NEOMG:

“I had to fight him a little bit,” Lue said. “He didn’t want to do it. But he definitely deserves one. I’m glad he accepted it and I’m glad the organization is going to get him one.”


James, who supported the Cavs’ decision to fire Blatt despite the team’s 30-11 record, never fully bought into Blatt as coach. Blatt had no prior NBA experience (of any kind) and struggled to relate to players.


Asked about Blatt’s ring after Wednesday’s 117-102 win over Orlando in the preseason opener, James said: “That’s an organizational thing and if that’s what they wanted to do then we’re all for it. Who am I to say who can or can’t get a ring?”

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