Blake Griffin on the Clippers: ‘We Haven’t Had Success’

by October 19, 2017
blake griffin clippers success

The Clippers have been to the playoffs for six straight seasons, but Blake Griffin insists that the team has yet to “have success.”

In an interview with The Jump‘s Rachel Nichols, Griffin said the Clippers “haven’t had success, and that’s the push” (starting at 2:29):

What’s your mission for this season?


Griffin: “I think for us this season, it’s about proving ourselves. I think a lot of people have doubted us. A lot of people don’t know what’s going to happen with a core group of guys leaving that we’ve had for so long.


“But to be completely honest, we haven’t had success. We’ve had regular-season success in a way, as much as you can I guess.


“But we haven’t had success, and that’s the push.”

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