Brett Brown Baffled By Markelle Fultz’ Shooting Woes

by January 16, 2018

Sixers head coach Brett Brown has been around the game of basketball for a while, and he says that he’s never seen anything like what Markelle Fultz is going through with his broken shot.

Brown is personally working with the rookie point guard to reclaim “the shot that he used to have.”

The 19-year-old continues to recover from a right shoulder injury, and has sat out 36 consecutive games.


“I’m old. And I’ve never experienced anything like this,” Brown, 56, said of having a player lose his shot. “I really haven’t.”


The coach will personally work with Fultz to help him reclaim his old form.


“He’s a rise-up guy,” Brown said. “He’s a live ball, off-the dribble, rise-up guy. A Kyle Korver type, that wasn’t who he was. He was a wiggly, do-what-he-wants-to-guard. So you go back and you say, ‘How can you find that again?”

Brett Brown: Markelle Fultz Must Be ‘Able to Shoot a Basketball’