Bucks Players Fell Victim to Email Financial Data Scam

by May 20, 2016

The Milwaukee Bucks confirmed media reports Thursday that some of their players’ financial data was compromised in an email scam.

Team president Peter Feigin was impersonated, according to Milwaukee, leading to an employee leaking a bunch of tax forms.

The IRS and FBI are looking into the security breach.

Per the Journal Sentinel:

It is uncertain how many individuals in the Bucks organization were affected by the security breach, but the data released was not limited to players, a source confirmed.


CSO Online, a website tracking corporate cyber security, reported that more than 40 businesses were victimized by Phishing attacks targeting employee tax records in the first quarter of 2016. […] On March 1, the IRS issued an alert to payroll and human resources professionals about the growing trend of BEC (Business Email Compromise/Correspondence) attacks taking place online.


The form of attacks often come in the form of spoofing the email address of the company CEO or person of authority, causing the employee receiving the message to hesitate when denying the request.