Carmelo Anthony: ‘Maybe My Loyalty Has Come Back to Bite Me in the Ass’

by March 18, 2016

The New York Knicks’ front-office knows that Carmelo Anthony has massive expectations for them this summer, and the perennial All-Star insists that he won’t waive his no-trade clause … for now.

Anthony says he has been extremely loyal to the franchise, but maybe to a fault.

Melo turns 32 in a couple of months; he says it’s time to start competing for a title instead of merely trying to get into the Playoffs.

Per Yahoo:

Q: Why do you still have hope it can work in New York?
Anthony: “I got hope in myself. I do have to believe in the process. I don’t want to say this was all part of the plan coming back [to New York]. This is a big, big summer.”


Q: Is there anything (Phil) Jackson has said that gives you confidence in the future?
Anthony: “We had a great conversation [recently]. It was just one conversation. At this point, it’s more show me rather than tell me. That’s where I am at.”


Q: How much power do you have with [your] no-trade clause?
Anthony: “I guess I have all the power. If I really wanted to get out of this situation I could have waived that no-trade clause. But I’ve stuck with it and I’m still sticking with it. I don’t know, maybe my loyalty has come back to bite me in the ass. As of right now, I am sticking to it.”