Carmelo Anthony Wants to Play 20 Seasons

by March 10, 2017

While marveling at Dirk Nowitzki having joined the ultra-exclusive 30,000-point club, Carmelo Anthony knows he’ll need to play for a very long time if he hopes to match Dirk.

Melo told reporters that he’d like to reach the 20-season mark.

Anthony, currently in his 14th year in the NBA, has poured in 23,952 points throughout his career.

Per Newsday:

Carmelo Anthony has nothing but admiration for the Mavericks’ Dirk Nowitzki, who scored his 30,000th career point Tuesday night.


At his current clip, which he probably can’t sustain for six more seasons, Anthony would retire with around 35,000 points. It seems reasonable, however, that even in a reduced role he could break the 30,000 mark if he plays for six more seasons.


“I would love to get 20 in. I would love — six, seven — I could do 20,” Anthony said after the Knicks’ shootaround in Milwaukee. “I could do 20. I think I do a great job of taking care of my body. I’m going to continue doing that. Lord willing, no injuries, no severe injuries, I could see myself going for 20.”