Daryl Morey Says James Harden Is an ‘Unbelievable Recruiter’

by August 17, 2017
james harden recruiter

Daryl Morey says that James Harden’s intelligence and clear goals make him an “unbelievable recruiter” for the Rockets.

While guesting on the Woj Pod, Morey didn’t hesitate to give Harden credit in Houston’s recruitment of Chris Paul (staring at 13:00):

Is Harden natural recruiter or do you have to coach it?


Morey: “With James, there’s no coaching there. I would say he’s not naturally an extroverted guy.


“He’s a worker, a quiet guy who just wants to win.


“His first job, if he wasn’t doing this, wouldn’t be like the lead sales guy somewhere. He’d probably be the strategic guy somewhere because he’s so smart.


“With that said, one-on-one, he’s so good with people. Obviously, the great players are all together—whether it be USA Basketball, or weddings, or whatever it is.


“They get together and they talk. And one-on-one I can say James is an unbelievable recruiter because he’s smart. He understands the plan that he wants to execute for the team that he’s leading.


“It makes my job easy, frankly, to have him.”

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