David Fizdale Says LeBron Could Never Coach: ‘He Would Kill Somebody’

by December 14, 2016

Grizzlies head coach David Fizdale knows LeBron James as well as anyone in the basketball world, considering Fizdale was on the coaching staff in Miami during LeBron’s Heat run. Last night, the two were reunited when the Cavs and Grizzlies squared off and during shootaround, Fizdale was asked if James would make a good coach. Fizdale doesn’t think the superstar would be able to deal with the mistakes of his players.

From ESPN:

“No,” Fizdale said when asked about a potential future in coaching for James. “He would kill somebody. Perfection is like [his standard]. He wants perfection. I could see him actually owning his own team and doing something like that, but I think [as a coach], he would end up killing a player at some point because they wouldn’t live up to the expectations that he would set forth.”

When told about Fizdale’s comments, LeBron didn’t disagree and said that he doesn’t “have that much patience:”

“Yeah, he’s a little right,” James said as he smacked his lips and made a knowing face when informed of Fizdale’s comments following Cleveland’s 103-86 win. “I don’t have, my patience is not — you’ve got to be very patient as a coach. I don’t think I have that much patience. Not that much.”

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