Derrick Rose: ‘I’m Ready For New York’

by June 24, 2016

Speaking to the media for the first time since becoming a New York Knick, Derrick Rose said that he’s looking forward to a new chapter wearing the blue and orange.

With the reality of trade still sinking in, Rose provided his first out-of-context quote for the New York media to sink its teeth into: “I don’t know why I was traded, but I would like to tell them thank you.”

Rose played in 66 games last season (the most since 2011), and said he wants to get back to the playoffs while wearing a Knicks uniform. He’s been in touch with Carmelo Anthony since the trade and is openly recruiting Joakim Noah.

Rose will wear No. 25 as homage to the late Benji Wilson and more broadly, the city of Chicago.

As he told The Cycle, “the trade is a blessing.”

I want to focus on nothing but basketball. I just want to let my game speak for itself. My voice will always be loudest on the court.


I’m 27 years old — there’s still so much ahead for me. I really believe this trade is a blessing. After all of the emotions passed through me, I started to realize how pumped I am for what comes next. I’m going to be playing alongside Carmelo Anthony and Kristaps Porzingis. This is an amazing opportunity. I can’t wait.


I’m ready for New York.