Doc Rivers: Boston ‘Perfect Situation’ for Kyrie Irving

by September 08, 2017

Doc Rivers is very impressed by what the Celtics were able to pull off this summer, and thinks Boston will be a “perfect” fit for Kyrie Irving.

Rivers theorizes that Irving forced his way out of Cleveland for reasons other than simply getting out from under LeBron James‘ massive shadow.

The 25-year-old All-Star point guard, meanwhile, is ready to embrace a “crazy” new reality in Beantown.


Gordon Hayward, resplendent in a Boston Celtics-toned green blazer with some subtle Butler blue blended into his tie, had just finished gushing about all the reasons he’s excited to be in Boston, name-checking many of his new teammates on the Celtics’ overhauled roster. When he was finished, one of those new teammates, Kyrie Irving, seated beside him at their introductory press conference last week at TD Garden, leaned in with a message.


“It’s about to be crazy, G,” said Irving.


So is Boston the sort of place where Irving can truly blossom?


“This is a perfect situation — other than L.A.,” Rivers joked. “This is a perfect situation for him. The Celtics gave up a lot to get him, but he’s 25 years old, and that’s the other thing people forget about: He’s so young.


“He’s going to be a star here for a long time.”

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