Doc Rivers to Coach Eastern Conference All-Stars

by February 02, 2011

Rivers will need to re-schedule his plans for All-Star weekend, as last night’s win will force him to work instead of spending time with the fam. From the Boston Globe: “He had other plans on All-Star Weekend. One of his sons has a district tournament. But by beating the Kings, the Celtics guaranteed that Rivers would head to Los Angeles for the All-Star Game on Feb. 20. Down 9 at halftime, though, the his team had Rivers sweating. ‘We had his blood pressure up tonight,’ Garnett said. ‘Sometimes he needs that. In all seriousness. Iโ€™m happy for him, happy for his staff. We see the countless hours they always put in. Weโ€™re not always liking the preparation for it, but we know a lot goes into our gameplan and it starts with those guys, him and his staff.'”