Draymond Green on Bucks-Lakers Scuffle: ‘One Player Wanted No Part of It’

by March 18, 2017
draymond green

Draymond Green made it clear he was “pissed off” with one player in Lakers-Bucks shoving match that resulted in Nick Young, D’Angelo Russell and Greg Monroe all being ejected.

When asked about the skirmish during Saturday’s practice, Green responded:

“It was one particular player that pissed me off, bad… To me, it looked like he didn’t want no parts of it and it completely pissed me off.”

One could assume Green is talking about Russell, who aside from shoving Monroe in the back, stepped back and kept his distance.

Lakers head coach Luke Walton, on the other hand, was pleased with how Russell reacted:

“They told me that D’Angelo got kicked out for escalating the situation. But D’Angelo only responded after Monroe had grabbed Nick by the neck and thrown him.


“If D’Angelo didn’t push him, I would’ve been pissed off at D’Angelo. He did the right thing.”

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