Draymond Green: Warriors, Cavs’ Greatness ‘Won’t Be Appreciated Until It’s Over’

by May 26, 2017
draymond green cavs warriors

Parity is dead in the NBA.

Rather than bemoaning the fact, Draymond Green says fans should appreciate the Cavs and Warriors for being historically great and not complain about a lopsided game or series sweep. Via Anthony Slater:

“I think maybe people fail to realize that you just have two great teams and don’t appreciate that.


“Everyone wants to say, This is boring, and this, that and the other. But you usually don’t appreciate something until you don’t have it anymore.


“I think maybe that’s just a lack of appreciation for greatness. But then when you look at a situation, most people have never reached greatness. So maybe there’s just not an understanding of what you’re watching.


“I think you’ve found two great teams, and we’ve played that way. And maybe people don’t appreciate it because of a blowout or because of a sweep.


“But people might want to be careful because I think right now, you’re witnessing greatness. Two great teams, great players, and that’s what it is.


“And like I said, it probably won’t be appreciated until it’s over.”

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