Draymond Green: Warriors Are Planning on Steve Kerr ‘Not Coming Back’

by May 01, 2017
draymond green steve kerr

As Warriors head coach Steve Kerr continues to deal with complications stemming from a 2015 back surgery, Draymond Green says the Warriors are preparing as if Kerr won’t be returning this season.

Until Kerr is healthy, Mike Brown will serve as Golden State’s interim coach.

Via the Mercury News:

“The way we look at it is — plan on him not coming back. That’s the way we’re approaching this thing. We’re not going to sit here and say if we can get to the Conference Finals, Steve may be back for the Conference Finals or if we get to the Finals…Nah.


“Mike Brown is our coach, we have the rest of our staff and that’s what we’re rolling with. We’re going to hope and pray that Steve gets better and can get back, but at the end of the day, his health is more important than anything.”


Green made an analogy that Kerr is the “head of the snake…chop the head off, it’s done.”

The Warriors are trying not to fall into follow that narrative, Green says.

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